All treasures of Yakutia and the Far East ( from and to KHV)

Group size

From 1 to 20 person


8 days / 7 nights





Trip overview

The Republic of Sakha or Yakutia is the largest region in Russia. The main wealth of Yakutia is its subsoil. And the most valuable of them are diamonds and uranium. In this tour we offer you to visit the most beautiful places in Yakutia and see with your own eyes all its treasures.
• Amur River

• Khabarovsk Regional Museum
• Grado-Khabarovsk Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God
• Treasury of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Exhibition

• Mammoth museum
• EPL. Yakutian Diamonds
• Us-Kut ethnographic complex
• Chuchor Muran touristic complex
• Lena River
Beginning of the tour/ End of the tour
Beginning of the tour:
End of the tour:

Itinerary 8-days program

Day 1 —  Arrival (SUN)

18:10 Arrival to KHV
meeting with flsg, transfer to  Amur hotel

DAY 2 – A small tour to Khabarovsk (MON)

 09:00 bf at a hotel
10:00 -17:00 Khabarovsk is called «the Far Eastern Paris» for its slow pace of life, enchanting attire, friendly inhabitants. We are pleased to show you the following sights during the city tour:
— Muraviev-Amurskiy street (main street);
— the Amure river view point;
— Soboro-Komsomolskaya square with Uspenskiy Cathedral,
— Shevchenko street with 3 museums (Lore, Arts, Military) located in it;
— the Amure Cliff/Utyos
– Khabarovsk city visit card;
— the monument to Muraviyov-Amurskiy
– 1st Governor General of Khabarovsk territory, depicted on 5000 banknote;
— the Amure river embankment;
— main city square – Lenin square;
— the City Ponds – public recreation zone with music & illumination fountains ;
— Glory square and Glory Memorial with Eternal Fire;
— Spasso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral and Theological Seminary;
— Railway Square and monument to Erofey Khabarov;
— the Amure Bridge (depicted on 5000-banknote) which is the part of Trans-Siberian Railway;
— Amur Bridge museum (optionally).
17:00 transfer to an apt with jsg
19:00 dep KHV to Yakutsk  by r3-496
22:00 arr Yakutsk, meeting with flsg, transfer to a  hotel

DAY 3 – Yakut treasures (TUE)

09:00 bf at hotel
10:00-19:00 Yakutsk city s/s:
visits to Treasury of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Exhibition,
Mammoth Museum
Lunch in local restaurant
pm visits to EPL. Yakutian Diamonds and Jewelry Factory
central market: fur, jewelry, souvenir shopping
19:00 back to htl, o/n

DAY 4 – Yakut culture (WED)

09:00 bf at a hotel
10:00-19:00 flsg and  coach
am visit  Us-Kut ethnographic complex:
national rite,
excursion around the complex,
Yakutian folk concert
Lunch  at café of the ethnographic complex, Yakutian cuisine
pm visit to Chuchor Muran touristic complex:
meeting, national rite “algys”,
excursion in the local museum,
huski dogs sledge-riding
Kingdom Permafrost visit
19:00 back to htl, o/n

DAY 5 – Lena River (THU)

boxed bf
full day excursion to Lenskiy Pillars by speedy boats silver pro
07:00 transfer to hotel — river port
Departure from ykt for Lenskiy Pillars by speedy boats (4 hours one way with green stops)
11:30-13:30 arrival to Lenskiy pillars,
Yakutian sacred ritual,
excursion to the top viewing point,
taking photos from the top of Lenskiy Pillars,
enjoying a magnificent view of Lena River panorama from the top of Lenskiy Pillars
13:00  departure back to Yakutsk
ln on board of the ship
arrival to Yakutsk, transfer to a hotel
20:00  back to htl, o/n

DAY 6 – Back to Khabarovsk (FRI)

boxed bf
transfer to an apt with  jsg
7:00  dep from Yakutsk for khv
11:00  arr to khv, meeting with flsg, trnf to a hotel
free day or optional excursions

DAY 7 – Free time (SUT)

bf at hotel
free day or optional excursions

DAY 8 – Departure (SUN)

bf at hotel
8:30 transfer to an apt with flsg
11:55 dep from khv for nrt by s7-567 (for example)

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