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From 1 to 20 people


11 days






Trip overview
If you are interested in the life of different peoples of Russia and not afraid of the cold, then this tour is for you. You will go to Yakutia, the coldest point of Russia. Here you will get acquainted with the culture and customs of the indigenous peoples, try the local cuisine and leave your mark in the history of the Sakha Republic.

  • Oimyakon village
  • Cherkekh Museum
  • Handyga village
  • Lena River

Beginning/ The end of the tour
Beginning of the tour: Khabarovsk
End of the tour: Khabarovsk

Itinerary 11-days program

Day 1 – Arrival (Fri)

19:25  Arrival to KHV from Tokyo S7-568
Meeting with JSG, transfer to a hotel (economy class)
Overnight at a hotel.

Day 2 — Yakutia (Sat)

Bf at a hotel
09:00-17:00 KHV city s/s with jsg and chartered coach, including lunch
17:00 checking-in for flight to Yakutsk
19:00 departure from KHV for YKT by R3-496
22:00 arrival to YKT, transfer to a hotel (standard class), o/n at htl

Day 3 – Way to Handyaga (Sun)

Breakfast at a hotel
10:00 Departure from YKT for Handyga (420 km 8-10 hours road) by chartered vans (4WD). Handyga is on the half-way to Oimyakon. YKT-Handyga part of the way stretches in the central part of Yakutia. Then the road takes its way to the north crossing iced Lena River and its right tributary Aldan River.
The whole way from YKT to Oimyakon is around 1000 km (2 days on the way).
12:00-14:00  stop in Cherkekh Museum, taking photos. This open-air museum was founded by Yakut writer Suorun Ommolon. The territory of the museum consists of the 12 constructions and buildings featuring the period of XVII – XIX century: these are original wooden houses, churches, yurts, where political exiles lived (in the soviet period),Tsar prison, and other utility structures.
Lunch at local cafe on the way.
Stops can be also made near so-called “shaman-trees” and “sergae” (Yakut horse tethering rail). By Yakut custom people have to feed “road spirits”. So, usually on the way travelers gain the spirits favor with the help of coins, cigarettes, food, other.
20:00 arrive Handyga, accm at local hostel (twn room w shower & toilet)
Dinner & o/n at hostel.

Day 4 – Oimyakon (Mon)

Bf at hostel.
Depart Handyga to Oimyakon. The road goes through Verkhoyan Mountains and Kolyma Road constructed “on bones” of the political exiles during Stalin era.
Stop at “shaman-spring” in 130 km from Handyga (natural never freezing spring with pure water good for drinking).
Lunch stop near weather station “Vostochnaya” (boxed lunch)
Deep evening arriving to Oimyakon, accm at local hotel- visit house (triple or twin accommodation).
Dn & o/n in OImyakon.

Day 5 – Familiarity with traditions  (Tue)

Breakfast at a hotel
excursion around Oimyakon – the place where the lowest temperature for human life excising was fixed.
Folklore program, Algys national rite (fire-feeding rite), the Head of Oimyakon will present the Certificate of “visiting the coldest place on the Earth where people live”.
Lunch in Oimyakon.
PM Visit to Yakut horse farm. Getting acquainted with the life-style of horse-breeders and the horse-breeding in such a cold conditions. Riding horseback.
Russian Bath, dinner, overnight.

Day 6 – Cold performance (Wed)

Breakfast at a hotel
AM Under-ice fishing. Local inhabitants will teach the tourists how to fish under ice. After fishing tourists can try local dish from fresh-freezed fish – stroganina.
Snowmobiles riding (Buran SB-640A)
Lunch at hotel.
PM – amusement program “unbelievable cold performance” (for instance, tourists will try to beat the nail with the help of frozen banana or will try to pour water from bowl to another and it freezes on their eyes, etc.)
Russian Bath, dinner, overnight.

Day 7 — Meeting with indigenous peoples (Thu)

Breakfast at hotel
Depart Oimyakon for Handyga (500 km).
Visit to Uchugey Village (100 km from Oimyakon) – the village of Even people – reindeer-breeders. They live in tents and lead nomadic lifestyle. The tourists can get acquainted with their life-style, traditions and culture. Reindeer riding by snow-sledge.
Lunch in the village (with national cuisine)
PM depart Uchugey to Handyga.
Dinner in Handyga, overnight in Handyga at hostel (twn accm).

Day 8 – Return to Yakutsk (Fri)

Breakfast at hostel
Departure from Handyga for YKT (430 km 8-10 hours).
Lunch at local café on the way.
Deep evening arrival YKT, accm at hotel, dn & o/n at hotel.

Day 9 – Return in Khabarovsk (Sat)

Bf at hotel in YKT
Transfer with jsg to an airport
07:00 departure from YKT for KHV by R3-495
Free day
o/n at hotel in KHV

Day 10 – Free day in Khabarovsk (Sun)

Bf at a hotel in KHV
Free day or Optional excursions.
Day 11 — Departure (Mon)
Bf at hotel
10:00 transfer hotel-airport
12:40 departure from KHV for Tokyo by S7-567

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