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Trip overview

For many people Sakhalin is associated with seafood — fish and marine delicacies. The gastronomic diversity of the island can argue with the Mediterranean and Asian islands.

We invite you to a natural gastronomic pearl framed by shores of malachite color. Busse Lake is one of the most delicious and unforgettable places on Sakhalin Island. Giant oysters, scallops, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs, trumpeter and many other species of marine life live here, in this unique place in every sense. During the tour you will be able to collect and try almost the whole variety of Sakhalin seafood, which will be prepared by a professional chef right on the shore of the lake. This is one of the most amazing and delicious excursions, which you simply need to visit.

Going on an excursion to Lake Busse from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, you will have a trip on  a comfortable car for 120 km. Travel time is approximately 1.5 hours.

During the tour you will enjoy unforgettable views of the Aniva Bay, the beautiful landscapes of the Tonino-Aniva Peninsula, many marine mammals and birds.

As well as:
— You will see a unique lake (lagoon) Busse.
— Visit an oyster jar and see how giant Sakhalin oysters live in a natural environment
— See scallops, sea urchin.
— Get to know the trepang (sea cucumber).
— See the island of the seal and watch these animals.
— We will show you where the spizula shell and grass shrimp live.
— Those who wish will be able to go fishing.
— Savor, just collected Sakhalin seafood prepared by a professional chef.
— You can swim in the warm Sea of ​​Japan.

Duration: 10 hours.
Total distance: 120 km
Season: June-November 

Itinerary 1-day program

Day 1

08:00 — Our journey begins with the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Travel time is 1.5 — 2 hours. On the way, the guide will tell the story of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, about the hard labour past of the island, the times of the Karafuto era (Japan) and the rapid development of the present.
09:00 — Korsakov. The route passes through the port city of Korsakov. You will find out why Korsakov is one of the richest cities in Russia! See the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Russia.
09:30 — Departure from Korsakov to Lake Busse. Travel time is 1 hour. A beautiful view of the Aniva Bay will be pleasing to the eye, and the guide will tell you who Nikolai Velgelmovich Busse is and why he called the lagoon where you are going.
10:30 — An incredibly beautiful panorama of the lagoon opens before you. If you imagine Lake Busse from a bird’s eye view, the lagoon is seen as a large pearl hanging (Lake Busse connects to the sea through a narrow channel) on a white string of sea surf. Having enjoyed the beauty, and having a little rest from the road, you, together with our guides, will go in search of the treasures of the lake! Busse Lake is rich in various sea delicacies. What is not in this lake! And lettuce chillim, the color of algae, and scallop, and hairy crabs, and large purple hedgehogs in live spines, raps, and oysters, and starfish of various kinds. The underwater world for a while will be at arm’s length.
14:00 — For this moment we came here — LUNCH. We promise that you will try all the most popular sea delicacies of Sakhalin

The price of the tour 

972 USD/person in a group of 1 pax

518 USD/person in a group of 2 pax

360 USD/person in a group of 3 pax

475 USD/person in a group of 4 pax

385 USD/person in a group of 5 pax

349 USD/person in a group of 6 pax

Tour cost includes:  

-Transfers according to the program

-Tours and trips as listed in the program

-English speaking guide

-Seafood lunch


NOT included:   

-Everything that is not mentioned in the itinerary





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