Classic Yakutia trip

Group size

From 10 to 27 person


4 days





Trip overview

These 4 intense days will give you an opportunity to get to know with the most attractive places in Yakutsk. For you comfort we will do our best to make your trip flawless! Good buses, high profile guides, accommodation in the best hotel in Yakutsk.

If you want to customize this journey, please e-mail us and we will be glad to make this trip just for you!


  • Diamond factory  
  • Yakutia Treasury
  • Permafrost Kingdom 
  • Ethnography complex Chochur Muran
  • Sottintsy village
  • Mammoth Museum
  • Open air Zoo

Beginning / End of the tour

Starts: Yakutsk, End of the tour: Yakutsk  

Itinerary 4-days program

Day 1 —  (Fri)

09:30 Arrival to YKT
Meeting with a guide
transfer to Tygyn Darkahan hotel by coach
10:30 BF (Buffet)
12:00 Diamond factory Visit
13:00 Yakutia Treasury
S/S in YKS city, Nikolaevskya church (in), Old town
14:00 Lunch at local restaurant Dikaya Utka:

 1.Indigirka ( Fish salad with oil and species)
2. Chicken noodle soup
3. Whitefish cooked in foil with potatoes
4. Salad with tongue
5. Yakutia Tortilla
6. Waffles with Lingonberries jam
7. Tea
8. Mineral water

15:00 Visit to ethnography complex Chochur Muran
16:00 Visit to Permafrost Kingdom
17:00 Tea party with snacks, Yakutia traditional music concert
Visit around the tourist complex devoted to the historyof Yakutia development from 17th century
17:30 Husky farm
18:30 Return to Yakutsk
19:30 Dinner at restaurant Zastava
1. “Ukha” Fish soup with pie
2. Vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, oil)
3. Grilled Chicken Slices
4. Rice with vegetables
5. Three kinds of ice cream
6. Tea
7. Still mineral water
8. Pampukhs (doughnut)
Return to hotel
21:00 Finish of work Guides and coach
Overnight at hotel Tygyn Darkhan

Day 2 -(Sat)

06:30Meeting w/Guides at lobby of Tygyn Darkhan hotel
Transfer from hotel to Khangalassy village (1h on the way).
07:30Arrive to YKS river port.
08:30Depart from Khangalassy to Sottintsy by ferry. Full day excursion in SOTTINSTY village
Boxed bf on the way.
11:30Arrive to Sottintsy, transfer to local inhabitants house (Yakut  family):
learning about nowadays of locals, which became almost unchanged from time immemorial: growing vegetables, breed domestic animals (cattle, horses, pigs, etc.), process fur skin, preserve the traditions of handicrafts (wooden pieces, knives, traditional decorating of national costumes)
12:00-14:00Visit to open-air museum «Druzhba» devoted to the settling of Yakutia in 17th century. For tourists access are replicas of the 17th century wooden ship which was used by Russian explorers arriving to this territory, real dates to 17th century mill (more than 20m hight), real Yakutian dwelling, Russian wooden house and church.
13:00Lunch (Yakutian dishes) at local café.

1.Fresh Vegetable Salad with Oil
2. Dumplings “Tygyn Darkhan” with broth and species
3. Roast
4. Pancake with condensed milk (jam)
5. Still mineral water
6. Tea (doughnut)
15:00Depart from Sottintsy to Khangalassy by ferry.
17:30Arrive Khangalassy, transfer to Yakutsk hotel. back to hotel, overnight
20:00Dinner at hotel Tygyn Darkhan
1.Still mineral water 0,5
2.Eggplant salad with brynza cheese
3.Ukha ( Muksun fish soup)
4. Stewed venison with vegetables
5. Herbal tea
6. Baked apple with lingonberries and honey (doughnut)
21:00Finish of work of guides
Overnight at hotel

Day 3 -(Sun)

Bf at hotel
09:00meet w/ ESG and FSG
Continue S/S by coch
10:00Mammoth Museum
11:30Yaroslavsky museum
13:00Lunch at local restaurant Makhtal

1.Still mineral water
2.Hommade soup (beef, bell pepper, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes)
3.Kundu salad (tongue, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, honey mustard dressing)
4. Foal meat shish kebab
5.Kuerchekh-yakutian dessert
Visit to Tabaga view point with Lena river panoramaYakutian horses herds
Open air ZOO VISIT
17:00Return to Yakutsk
18:00Dinner at local restaurant Muus Haiya
1. Caesar salad with chicken
3. Fish balls with potatoes
4. Blueberry pie
5. Tea
6. Still mineral water (doughnut)
Return to hotel
20:00Finish of work for Guides and bus
Overnight at Tygyn Darkhan hotel

Day 4 -(Mon)

Bf at hotel
07: 20meet w/ ESG and FSG
Check out
07:30transfer to airport
10:30departure for Moscow








 Price per/pax in RUB (Tygyn Darkhan hotel accommodation)

1 USD = 60 RUB

*note! Price is subject to change, in case of reasonable USD rate change  

10+1 12+1 14+1 15+1 16+1 18+1 20+1
70985 66050 62434 60990 59921 58049 58855


22+1 24+1 25+1 26+1 27+1 SGL SUP
57210 55837 55234 54773 54161 10000

Price includes:
1.TWN STND accommodation w/bf, 4 night
2.Transport 39 h:

  • Coach paz-vector for 12-18 pax
  • Coach Asia Cosmos for 15-22 pax
  • Coach KIA GRANDBIRD for 23-40 pax

3.Work of ESG and FSG according to program
4.Meal: 1bf, 3ln, 3dn
5.Folk concert at Chochur-Muran
6.Entrance fee according to program: 

  • Chochur Muran,
  • Permafrost Kingdom,
  • Diamond Factory,
  • Yakutiya Treasure,
  • Mammoth Museum,
  • Yaroslavsky museum,
  • tabaga,
  • ZOO

7.Visit to Sottintsy
9.Water 2b per day
10.Porterage at airport and hotels

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