CHITA. Heatei Caves

Group size

From 1 to 6


1 day





Trip overview

Heatei Caves (translated from the Buryat language — patterned). These are the largest caves of Transbaikalia, which are a geological monument of nature.
The Heetei Ice Cave Complex is located in the southeast of the Trans-Baikal Territory, on the right bank of the Onon River. Throughout the year, temperatures here are between (–1 ° — + 7C). In the caves you can admire the magnificent ice crystals in the form of bizarre sculptures, as well as see stalactites and stalagmites.
This tour requires special equipment, as well as an instructor support!

Season: April to September
Time from 07:00 to 22:00
Duration: 15 hours
Maximum number of people in a group: 6
Difficulty: medium, a certain level of physical training is required.


Itinerary 1-day program

Day 1 

07:20 Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby
07:30 Transfer to Heetei Caves, 350 km one way. (3-4 hours)
A stop in a cafe (tourists pay for meals on the spot)
11:00 Arrival at Heatei Caves
11:50 A fascinating excursion to the Dry Cave, which has a rich history of archaeological finds
13:20 An unforgettable excursion to the «Ice Cave». You have to go down to a depth of 12 meters with the help of special equipment and take a walk along the beautiful grottoes of the cave.
16:50 Departure to Chita
17:50 Stop in a cafe (tourists pay for meals on the spot).
22:00 Arrival at the hotel. The end of the guide and transport.






Price (with English speaking guide):

1   pax         43 000 RUB* (per pax)
2   pax         22 600 RUB* (per one pax)
3   pax         15 450 RUB*  (per one pax)
4   pax         18 700 RUB*  (per one pax)
5   pax         15 200 RUB*  (per one pax)
6   pax        12 900 RUB*  (per one pax)

*1 USD=60RUB


Tour cost includes:

1. Travel by bus along the excursion route;
2. rental of equipment and headlamps;
3. excursion support
4. services of an English-speaking guide.

NOT included:

1. Hotel Accommodation
2. air plane
3. Food in the cafe
4. warm clothes and shoes
5. Alcohol drinks


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