MAGADAN 2. Kolyma highway

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9 days





Trip overview
For a real traveler, the capital of Kolyma Magadan is an amazing place, one of the most interesting in Russia. You can fall in love with this tragic fate recklessly if you take a walk along Nagaev’s bay at least once, climb hills and, most importantly, have a talk to Magadans — people who combine intelligence and the ability to survive in the most severe conditions, generosity and enterprise, independence and ability to be friends.
If you drive into Magadan along the Kolyma highway, the contrast is striking: after the coldest inhabited places on the planet and dilapidated villages of gold miners, you find yourself in a city with brightly painted houses.

Season:  May — September
Duration: 9 days
Maximum number of people in a group: 8-10

Itinerary 9-day program

Day 1 -Arrival

Meeting at the airport of Magadan, transfer to Magadan (50 km.)
Accommodation at the hotel.
City tour with a visit to the Mask of Sorrow monument.

Day 2 — Birch Creek (Tikhaya Bay)

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the start of the walking tour.
Walking tour to the Birch Creek (Tikhaya Bay).
Transfer to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 3 — Dnieper mine

Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure in the morning on a KAMAZ shift bus towards the Dnieper mine.
On the way, stop in the village of Palatka, in the village of Atka (lunch at a roadside cafe), arrival at the Dnieper mine, a walking tour of the mine (about 2 hours).
Camping (double occupancy).
Bonfire dinner.

Attention! The former Dnieper mine is located 20 kilometers from the federal highway. The road to the mine is in poor condition, so we are planning a trip on a KAMAZ shift bus. Since the snow cover in our region disappears only at the end of May, we reserve the right, in the absence of the opportunity to arrange a transfer due to floods, to cancel arrival at the Dnieper mine.

Day 4 — Heth mine

Breakfast at the stake.
Continuation of the tour of the Dnieper (inspection of the cemetery and factory).
Departure to Magadan.
On the way, stop for lunch at a roadside cafe.
Visit to the former Heth mine.
Arrival in Magadan in the evening.
Hotel accommodation. Dinner.

Day 5 — Olsky estuary

Breakfast at the hotel.
Auto excursion to the Olsky estuary, Nyuklensky spit with a visit to the landing site of the first geological expedition.
One way distance 35 km. On the way — a stop at the observation deck. Lunch — in a cafe in Ola. Hiking along the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Return to Magadan.

Day 6 — Batareynaya Bay

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the start of the walking tour.
Walking tour to Batareynaya Bay. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 7 — Armansky pass

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the second Armansky pass (~ 35 km).
walking tour. Transfer to Magadan.

Day 8 — Museums visit

Breakfast at the hotel.
Visiting the Museum of Local Lore, visiting the Museum of Natural History.
Ethnic program with a performance by the song and dance collective of the People of the North. Venue — ritual clearing on the seashore.
There, at the stake, various treats will be prepared according to traditional northern recipes.
Free time.

Day 9 -Departure

Breakfast at the hotel. Airport transfer.


8  pax         77 600 RUB* (per pax)

*1 USD=60 RUB


Tour cost includes:

transfer airport — Magadan;
• hotel accommodation (double occupancy), 7 nights;
• a city tour with a visit to the Mask of Sorrow monument;
• translation services, 9 days;
• transfer hotel — Marchekan microdistrict — hotel;
• guide during a walking tour to the river. Birch (Tikhaya Bay);
• lunch boxes during walking tours, 3 times;
• rental of a KAMAZ shift bus on the route Magadan — the former Dneprovsky-Magadan mine;
• hydraulic services at the Dnieper mine;
• bonfire nutrition at the Dnieper mine;
• equipment rental (tents, campfire equipment) at the Dnieper mine;
• excursion on the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (Nyuklya) + Ola;
• transfer hotel — Stara Veselaya microdistrict — hotel;
• guide during a walking tour to Batareynaya Bay;
• transfer hotel — second Arman pass (35 km.) — hotel;
• guide during a walking tour of the Armansky passes;
• visit to the Museum of Local Lore;
• visit to the Museum of Natural History;
• transfer Magadan — Gornyak microdistrict (ritual glade) — Magadan;
• performance of the national team + tasting dishes of local nationalities;
• transfer to the airport of Magadan (50 km.)

NOT included:

• travel insurance;
• alcoholic drinks


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