MAGADAN. Acquaintance with the city

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Trip overview

For a real traveler, the capital of Kolyma Magadan is an amazing place, one of the most interesting in Russia. You can fall in love with this tragic fate recklessly if you take a walk along Nagaev’s bay at least once, climb hills and, most importantly, have a talk to Magadans — people who combine intelligence and the ability to survive in the most severe conditions, generosity and enterprise, independence and ability to be friends.

If you drive into Magadan along the Kolyma highway, the contrast is striking: after the coldest inhabited places on the planet and dilapidated villages of gold miners, you find yourself in a city with brightly painted houses.

Season: May to October
Time from 07:00 to 22:00
Duration: 7 days
Maximum number of people in a group: 16

Itinerary 7-day program

Day 1 -Arrival

Arrival at the airport of Magadan (Sokol), transfer airport — Magadan (50 km.) Accommodation at the hotel.
Sightseeing bus tour — city center, the Mask of Sorrow monument, Nagaev Bay, a monument to Vysotsky, a monument to the founders of the city, a sculpture by the Time-Mammoth.

Day 2 — Old pier excursion

Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit the Museum of Local Lore (the museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday).
Excursion to the Old Fun (old pier. Coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, widow island). Transfer to the Miner recreation area.
The performance of the national team in the ritual clearing (rite of purification by fire, a story about the life of the indigenous peoples of the north).
Bonfire dinner (national dishes).

Day 3 — Ola and the Olskaya Lagoon

Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit the Museum of Natural History (NICI) (the museum is closed on Saturday and Sunday).
Excursion to the landing site of the first geological expedition to the Nyuklensky spit. Visit to the village of Ola and the Olskaya Lagoon.
Visit to the fish factory.

Day 4 — Seapor excursion

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the seaport.
Boat trip with fishing in the bays of Svetlaya and Tikhaya.
Lunch on board (if possible from freshly caught fish).
Transfer to the hotel.

Day 5 — Stone-cutting workshop

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Stekolny (90 km.)
Excursion to the stone-cutting workshop of V. Gartvik.
Transfer to p. Palatka, a small sightseeing tour, lunch at a restaurant in p. Palatka. Transfer to Karamken. Excursion.
Transfer to Magadan.

Day 6 — V. Kozin’s apartment

Visiting the museum — V. Kozin’s apartment (the museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday).
Visit to the market (seafood) and souvenir shops.
Excursion along the passes (first and second Arman passes), a walk is possible.
Kekury in the Oksa River Valley.

Day 7 — Departure 

Transfer Magadan — airport.
Departure to Moscow.






16  pax         71 800 RUB* (per pax)

*1 USD=60RUB


Tour cost includes:

 transfer airport — Magadan (50 km.);
• accommodation at the Silver House hotel (double occupancy, breakfast is included in the room rate), 6 days;
• business lunch at restaurants in the city of Magadan and p. Palatka, 5 times;
• city sightseeing tour (car, guide);
• dinner in a restaurant, 5 times;
• visit to the Museum of Local Lore;
• excursion to the Old Veselaya and the Miner (car, guide);
• performance of the national team in the Gornyak recreation area + lecture on the life of the peoples of the North;
• bonfire dinner (including the national food of the inhabitants of the Far North);
• excursion to the Museum of Natural History;
• excursion to the Nyuklenskaya Spit to the landing site of the first geological expedition;
• excursion to the fish factory;
• transfer hotel — seaport — hotel;
• rental of a sea vessel for a boat trip;
• fishing guide services;
• lunch on the ship, cook services;
• fishing gear rental;
• rental of transport on the route Magadan — Stekolny — Tent-Karamken — Magadan;
• excursion to the stone-cutting workshop of V. Hartwick.
• tour of Karamken;
• excursion to the museum of V. Kozin;
• visiting the fish market and souvenir shops;
• excursion to the passes;
• transfer Magadan-airport;

NOT included:

• travel insurance;
• alcoholic drinks


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